Walmart Wants You To Ditch Your Thanksgiving Meal And Give Them Your Money

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shutterstock_156129224__1384280699_71.46.56.23Walmart has announced it is starting its Black Friday death, destruction and mayhem sale at 6pm on Thanksgiving day. Happy holidays!

The retailer will be rolling out sales on items in different phases. Certain things will be on sale at different times. For example – at 6pm on Thanksgiving day – instead of enjoying time with friends and family, you can be buying iPad minis, flat screens and laptops. This is a huge bummer.

The thing is, the sale is so drastic I’m sure a lot of people are going to want to take advantage of it. You get a $100 gift card when you purchase an iPad mini. Some of the TVs are upwards of $300 off. I totally understand wanting to save that kind of money, I just don’t understand why Walmart has to take a huge crap on the whole holiday. Now, instead of folks skipping out on their friends and families right after dinner, they are probably going to skip dinner all together to wait in what are sure to be some ridiculously long lines. Not to mention the huge bummer this is for employees.

Why are retailers finding it necessary to start these sales on the holiday? I’m confused. What difference does it make to them whether the sale starts 10 hours earlier or not? I guess we can start a new tradition. Instead of sitting around thinking about all of the things we are thankful for, we can run out and consume more and more because we can never get enough cheap flat screens and iPad minis. Yuck.

I’m trying to think of what would motivate me to leave the people I love to stand in line and buy shit. I am seriously financially strapped thanks to baby number two and a big move – but I don’t care. Spending a holiday standing outside in line with a bunch of strangers who are probably going to shove me out of the way at some point sounds like the worst idea, ever.

To each her own. Have fun standing in line, if you are so inclined. I’ll be at home trying to stay awake long enough to eat a second piece of pie.

(photo: Volodymyr Baleha/ Shutterstock)