Mommyish Gift Guide: Holiday Presents For Your Tomboy That Don’t Manipulate Her Into Being A Princess

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Go! Go! Sport Girls

Little girls who are conventionally feminine and want nothing more than to be flooded with crowns and accessories this holiday season are in luck. There never seems to be   of sparkly plastic and itchy polyester costumes on the shelves no matter what time of year it is. If they want a pink Leapfrog or a magenta mock cellphone or a flowery car, it’s all there for them — in every incarnation.

But if you happen to have a daughter or niece or granddaughter that doesn’t swoon every time she sees Snow White, you may have a slightly tougher time finding presents that won’t make her grimace. It seems that every time the word “girl” is introduced into the marketing or creation of toys, girly colors or hearts must somehow be added to the product.

So if you have a little girl who isn’t hyper-feminine and would prefer toys that haven’t been doused in Pepto-Bismol, exhale. We found quite a few that encourage her to do more than sit around and comb her hair. And for those little girls that do, there is nothing preventing them from enjoying these toys either.