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My Beautiful Baby Boy Is Now My Beautiful Biting Baby

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I did some research into this biting thing, which is quite common. One site suggested that when a child bites you, you need to keep your feelings in check, for example, by counting to ten and taking a deep breath. Hello? Have you ever had a child bite you? There’s no time to keep your feelings in check! It’s so shocking and hurts so much that what happens because it’s so shockingly painful like a motherfucker, you’ll end up screaming or crying or both while yelling, “That hurt like a motherfucker! What the hell just happened?” Only then, after you get over the shock, maybe, will you be able to count to ten, after checking to see if The Biter broke skin.

Admittedly, my first reaction when he bit me out of the blue was to slap him, which I did not. My initial reaction was not to go into a yoga pose, that’s for sure.

Apparently, children bite to cope with a challenge or to fulfill a need, like frustration, or personal space. Apparently there’s no evidence either that biting your child back will reduce their biting. Okay. I’m not sure what ‘expert’ came up with this, but I can’t picture one mother biting their 15 month old back after they bite you. Who would even think of doing that? We do know who the adult is in the relationship is, right?

I would certainly never bite my son, even though he looks delicious. I noticed that he usually bites when he gets overly excited, like if his sisters are wrestling with him. He just gets caught up in the excitement, as well as his mouth, and that’s when the teeth get into the action and lock onto someone else’s body part. Others, like my mother-in-law, thinks that my son may bite because he’ not getting enough attention, which only a loving nana would say. He has at least six people paying attention to him at all times.

He gets more attention and protection than the children of presidents. My son’s biting has stopped…for at least three weeks now, which is promising. I so do not want my kid to be known as The Biter when he enters pre-school. It’s a nickname that could stick for the rest of his life. And I prefer Holt the Bolt.

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