The 15 Stages Of Preparing For A Visit From The Grandparents, In GIFs

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A visit from the grandparents is great fun for the kids, but for parents it can be an emotional roller coaster. Here are the 15 stages of the grandparent visit, in GIFs.

1. Grandma and grandpa say they are going to visit.

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Oh, how nice! It will be good for them to play with the grandchildren. Family is important, and this might get you out of stuffing your whole family into the back of a van and driving to their place at Thanksgiving.

2. Grandma and grandpa say they would like to stay with you.



Oh … how nice. There is definitely room in your very small apartment for a few more adult-sized neat freaks. Well, you can’t fault them for wanting to save money.

3. Grandma and grandpa describe their new diet.

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Don’t worry, cooking for grandma and grandpa will be a piece of cake. And you will be cooking, because they adamantly do not want to be a bother and will refuse to allow you to spend money by ordering delivery. Also, they have gone gluten-free. (Be ready for this: They will say they are just gluten free and it is not really any different than being not gluten free, but by the time they arrive they will also have given up dairy, sugar, and any plants related to the tomato. Just buy Gwyneth Paltrow‘s cookbook now.)

4. The grandparents will not confirm their travel dates.

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You want to go to a comic book convention and get your cosplay on, but all your weekends are spoken for until the grandparents confirm whether or not they are actually coming. Your kids’ grandparents are probably the kinds of people who really like throwing surprise parties.

5. The grandparents are coming today!

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You did not know it was possible for a person to book a same-day flight without getting flagged by homeland security, but somehow they did it. You will discover this when you get a call saying, “So I guess you couldn’t be there to pick us up.”

6. Your partner promises to do all the cleaning.

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Don’t worry about it! You just put your feet up and relax while this baby pulls your hair and screams like you are torturing it because you will not let it eat batteries. Your partner will do all the cleaning and you don’t have to think about a thing.

7. Your partner comes down with a debilitating illness.

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Immediately after folding six socks, your partner comes down with boneitis or some other debilitating disease and must retreat to a warm bathtub for six hours to moan and read comic books on the iPad. This illness is very serious, so your partner cannot be disturbed. You must keep the baby, because it would not be safe to expose the baby to boneitis.

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