Parents Who Must Never Have Been Teenagers Crash Daughter’s School Dance for ‘Hilarious’ Video

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giphy-facebook_sA set of Utah parents just crashed their daughter’s school dance and posted a video of her “priceless” reaction to YouTube, and it’s so awful it will make you feel like a teenager again.

According to She Knows, Judd and Kristen Bagley of Salt Lake City, Utah, are the parents of a 9th grade girl named Beth, who was excited about going to a dance at her high school, and she told her parents that she did not want them to chaperone. Judd and Kristen say they “respected her wishes” … but then they crashed the dance anyway and snuck up on their daughter with a camera to catch her “priceless” reaction.

It’s actually a pretty awful video. She’s dancing with her friends, having a good, totally normal time at the dance, and then she turns and sees her parents grinning and laughing and filming her, and she literally screams like she is in a horror movie. I mean, sometimes it’s funny to embarrass our kids, but she seriously looks like Janet Leigh when she turns in the shower and sees Norman Bates with a knife in Psycho.

And then her parents filmed the whole thing right at the dance and then posted it to YouTube.

I am cringing on her behalf. I am convinced that these parents are aliens in convincing human suits, because it is inconceivable to me that any human being who has ever been a teenager would pull a prank like this on their daughter. Parents doing things like showing up at the end of a high school dance with a camera going, “Hiiii sweetie!” is why the phrase, “Oh my God, Mooooooommmm!” exists.

We’ve probably all been embarrasssed by our parents at some point, but mine never did anything this bad. This is just crazy. We’ve got to leave our teenagers alone sometimes so they can grow up to be normal, independent adults.

Judd Bagley says his daughter is a good sport about it and was just hamming up her reaction for her friends, in which case Meryl Streep might need to watch her back, because Beth Bagley is coming for all her Oscars. He also says that she’s been liking the attention since the video started to go viral, which could also be true, but in the actual moment she looked pretty upset and not like she thought it was funny.

Next time Judd goes to hang out with his adult man friends, though, Beth should get her grandparents to show up and take pictures of him. Now that would be funny.