Britney Spears Posts Awesome Home Video Of Son Shaking His Groove Thing

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It’s not too often that we relate to celebrity moms like Britney Spears but, well, every now and then we get an inside glimpse into their worlds. And Spears’ latest home video of her eldest son, Sean Preston, dancing his ass off to “Shake Your Groove Thing” is priceless. This little guy has got the moves!

But my favorite part – the bit that makes her household seem “normal” on the parenting front – is when 6-year-old Preston pushes his little brother Jayden, 5, out of the way. It’s like, God-forbid he share the floor with anyone else! This is such a typical scene in my house, I had to watch and re-watch. (“Party Rock” is all the rage in these parts.)

The other gem is how Jayden enters the scene on a tricycle. A tricycle! It’s pretty damn cute. Check out the video below and you’ll see what I mean.

[youtube_iframe id=”3rPl0IA0khA”]