Video: Watch This Mother Expertly Crush Her Son’s Breakdancing Dreams

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Sooner or later, all parents must help their child settle on some more realistic goals. Oh sure, there’s a fine line between not letting youthful enthusiasm distract a child from pursuits where he might truly excel and, well, crushing his dreams. Responsible parents must walk that line gently and expertly, like a prima ballerina during a sobriety test. Other times, parents will simply be so exasperated the only thing they care about is getting their kid to grow up.

But most importantly for our purposes, it helps that these delicate life lessons can be caught on tape in all their hilariously awkward glory. So to the young man in the video we say, may your dreams of becoming a B-boy soar on the wings of eagles. And yes, your mother is right. You’ll probably never be as talented at break dancing as all the — uh, what? — “little Asians” out there. Tough love, is still love. Get used to it.