Call The Mommy Police, Hilary Duff Had A Cigarette

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Hilary DuffOh my Heavens, alert the Mommy Patrol. Let’s get our shaming in gear because we have a situation on our hands. Hilary Duff, who gave birth to her son Luca back in March, was recently caught smoking a cigarette. The horror, right?

Was she smoking in the car with her bay in the backseat? No, though I would be pretty outraged about that. Was she lighting up at the park while pushing her little one in an infant swing? No, but parents do that and it’s pretty awful. Was she blowing smoke rings into her precious baby’s face? Nope, none of that either.

Actually, Hilary Duff wasn’t smoking anywhere near her baby. Or any other baby. She was caught smoking after a night out with her husband, leaving Rock N Reilly’s Irish Pub in LA. So I guess I’m confused about what all this mommy-shaming horror is about.

The whole world is aware that smoking is dangerous. We know the dangers of second-hand smoke. That’s why people get justifiably angry when someone is smoking around children. But a new mom having a cigarette after a rare night out with her husband? I’m sorry but I just don’t see what the call to arms is about.

It’s possible that Duff went home, pumped-and-dumped and took a nice long shower after that cigarette. She certainly wouldn’t be the first. I’ve known quite a few young moms who take the opportunity to live it up a little on their first could night out after pregnancy and mommyhood. They have a nice time with their spouse. They maybe have a cocktail or smoke a cigarette. And then they go back home to their adorable little ones and continue to be wonderful moms.

Moms are allowed to have a night out. And I really don’t think that we need to shame a mother simply because she has a cigarette or a drink when she’s having a night away from her child. We shame moms enough for all the choices they make that directly impact their children. As long as they aren’t breaking the law or endangering anyone, can’t we leave their “Mommy’s Night Out” activities alone?