Florida Mother Of Three Attacked In Front Of Her Kids Before Christmas Over Parking Job


Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year. Or rather, the most rage inducing, apparently. A mother in Lake Mary, Florida (I know, it’s ALWAYS Florida) was brutally beaten up by a group of woman over a supposed shoddy parking job, in front of her 9-year-old daughter and 5-month-old twins. Stay classy, Florida.

Christine Beckwith was on her way home from bringing her three kids to see a holiday light show. She had just returned to her parked her car, and started to get her kids in when a passerby started in on her for parking her car over the yellow line. Beckwith claims that she told the woman she would was leaving as soon as she secured her kids, but according to Beckwith, this wasn’t good enough. The woman and her friends jumped out of their respective cars and started beating the everloving hell out of her. Because that is totally an understandable way to deal with a situation like that.

According to Beckwith:

“The one [woman] had grabbed me and pushed me down to the trunk of her car and held me while the other girl punched me in the face and scratched my face and pulled my hair out.”

The worst part of this whole ordeal was that Beckwith’s 9-year-old witnessed the whole thing, and reportedly screamed the entire time, saying things like “don’t touch my mommy,” and “leave her alone.” The girl was so traumatized by the incident that she decided that the woman should get the worst punishment a little kid can think of – ending up on Santa’s naughty list.

She wrote:

Dear Santa, Today my mom, Christine, got physically hurt by a woman. I want you to put her on the naughty list! She had long black curly hair, no tattoos, black shirt, jeans, and cruddy attitude!!!’

What an awesome kid. I think it;s hilarious that she mentioned there being no tattoos especially, because it does seem like someone who would beat up a young mother over a parking job would have a few tats, right?

Understandably, Beckwith is worried that anyone who would beat someone up over a parking situation may strike again. Because of course they will. According to reports, the suspects drove away in two separate cars, and apparently someone literally ran behind the car covering the license plate with a rag. What?

One of the cars was a Honda Civic with a Christmas wreath on the front, which is apparently the main attacker’s vehicle.
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