Attachment Parenting Is For Kids Of All Ages

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Feed with Love and Respect
Whether your child was breast-fed or bottle-fed, feeding and preparing food with a consciousness is something that continues to be important. Our country could use more support from the government in providing us with affordable, pesticide-free, organic produce and food options, but until then, it is the duty of every parent to do our best to feed our children in the best way we can. We can teach our children where food comes from so that they have an appreciation for the work and labor involved in the food they eat. Some people bring a religious consciousness into it, which in my home we do for meals on the Sabbath. I choose to raise my kids vegan, which is a way I feed my sons with a sense of love and respect for animals and the planet.

Respond with Sensitivity
As when my sons were babies, I always believe they are doing their best to get their needs met. If they are being whiny, unreasonable, cranky or physically destructive, it is almost always –and I mean close to 100 percent of the time—because I have been out of touch with their needs, or I have been missing earlier cues of hunger, upset, or just plain need. It is still my job as my son’s mama to be sensitive to all of their needs, even when I think I myself am not getting all of my needs met!

Use Nurturing Touch
Every family is different about physical intimacy, and a lot of absurd and perverted attention is sometimes paid to those of us who breastfeed past what is socially acceptable as a breastfeeding age, or those of us who safely co-sleep, or even those of us who bathe with our babies or allow them to see us naked in the home. It is a human need to be touched and caressed and loved. Mammalian babies need that to thrive and to establish a healthy understanding of touch and intimacy. It is beneficial for our brains as mothers especially to touch our babies so that hormones that facilitate a strong establishment of a milk supply and a strong bond to baby are solidified. Even though my sons are not babies anymore, they still need to be hugged and touched positively. I used to do massages for them when they were babies, and sometimes we do modified massage where I will put some lavender oil around their necks and on the soles of their feet. They giggle and squirm and think it’s hysterical, but it’s another level of intimacy that is important, even though they’re not babies anymore.

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