Josie Duggar Celebrates Her Birthday and Fans Worry She Isn’t ‘Special’

Josie Duggar just celebrated her eighth birthday! To many fans of the Duggar family, this is surely something to celebrate, especially given Josie’s premature birth. However, it seems that this year, Josie’s birthday was just another birthday in the Duggar home, reports Inquistr.

The Duggar family’s official Facebook page posted a birthday message for Josie Duggar, the youngest of the 19 Kids and Counting family. But what many fans noticed was that the post sounded extremely cookie-cutter almost as if it was a post for one of the ”forgotten” middle Duggar children.

”Happy birthday to our precious Josie Brooklyn! We love you, sweet girl! Your smile can light up a room, and your laugh is absolutely contagious!! You are such a joy to have as a sister, daughter, cousin, and aunt. We are so thankful for you!!”

There are two things that are distinctly missing from this post. The first is any mention of God. Usually, the extremely conservative Duggar’s at least thank Him for their precious little ones. The second is any mention of how Josie is a ”miracle child.”

As many fans of the show remember, Josie Duggar’s birth was a harrowing experience for the family. There were times when her health was on the line. Thus the little girl was dubbed the ”miracle baby,” a phrase both Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar love to use when speaking of their youngest.

Now that Josie is eight, however, it seems that she is just another Duggar, no longer the ”miracle baby” of her youth.

According to Inquisitr, one commenter on Reddit said, ”Josie is 8-years-old, and officially no more special than any of her replaceable, boilerplate siblings to Jim Bob & Michelle. They don’t even talk about what a miracle she is anymore.”

Now, if you are thinking, ”Well, what’s wrong with that birthday message? It’s a perfectly good message.” That’s true, it is a ”perfectly good” message. But if you compare it to her sixth birthday message, it’s clear it might have been an afterthought.

What do you think? Has Josie fallen from her pedestal?

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(Image: Facebook / Duggar Family Official)

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