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Anna Duggar’s Tweet Supporters Prove Duggar Fans Are Not Just Fundamentalists. They’re Racist, Too‏

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It’s a day ending in Y, so of course, a Duggar has done something spectacularly offensive. This time, it was Anna Duggar, she of this week’s twin speculation. She retweeted a message tying the pro-life movement to Black History Month and of course, people are rightly offended. And of course, some are right there with her.

It should not come as a shock to anyone that the Duggars would use social media to push their staunchly anti-choice agenda, but I have always comforted myself with the fact that most people roll their eyes and move on. However, reading the comments section from this Facebook post shows that there are plenty of Duggar fans just as backward and racist as they are. Here is the offending retweet:

black history tweet


Before I get into all the reasons this is wrong, here is a sampling of the comments supporting her:

Black history 1

Sure, Tamara. We’ll get right on that.

black history 2

Guys, screw racism. Let’s focus on the REAL problem of Kim Kardashian’s naked butt!

black history 3

Right, she is just using Black History Month to promote her aggressively anti-choice agenda. And in this case, anti-choice for African-American women in particular. No big deal AT ALL, people.

black history 4

Someday soon, I am going to write about the correlation between being a Duggar fan and not knowing how to spell. Or turn off caps lock. Really, like, R U kidding, Lexi?

black history 5

There is no such thing as a “racist card” but if there were, I think many of these Duggar fans would be carrying one in their wallet.

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