The Comments On Jessa Duggar’s Photos From The March For Life Rally Are A Jackpot Of Stupidity

Jessa Duggar Seewald went on a fun family trip to march against a women’s right to control what happens in her own body. How sweet! She posted photos of the March For Life at the Arkansas state capitol to her Instagram account, and her fans from all over the internet arrived to drop some serious birth control knowledge and also argue about what women should be doing with their own bodies.

Translation: her fans are idiots and know nothing about birth control and have a very limited view of the function of sex in a relationship.

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But since we all need to laugh to keep from crying about the percentage of Americans who actually think the way these people do, let’s read along.

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Good point Peyton, but what if you thought about having an abortion, didn’t, and your baby turned out to be a murderous psychopath, etc? Think about what would have happened if you had an abortion?

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Don’t worry about access to safe, legal abortion anymore, everyone. Rachel wants you to carry a baby to term so she can adopt it.

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I hate to be the one to break it to Emily, but the purpose of sex for many is (gasp) fantastic orgasms, intimacy, and recreation. But did you hear that all of you childfree people out there? Respect your temple and close your legs. Emily thinks there is literally no reason for you to be having sex if you don’t want babies.

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The conservativegirls agree with Emily.

I’m poking fun at these people, as we often do with the Duggar family, but it is very important to remember how dangerous these people are. They are enemies of equality and women’s rights and have a huge platform. Matriarch Michelle Duggar has even influenced legislation with her bigoted beliefs. It’s pretty frightening.

(photos: Instagram)

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