How Prince Harry Has Changed Since Meghan Markle Entered The Picture

The great thing about getting older is that we’re able to change and grow as people. Few of us are the same people we were in our 20’s, right? We matured, we settled down, and our lives moved in a different direction. Sometimes that all starts to happen when you find your person and fall in love. Meeting The One can really change you! Suddenly, your old ways don’t seem to be as fun anymore. You’re priorities change, as do the things that bring you joy. You’re still YOU, but maybe a better version of you. That seems to be the case with Prince Harry, and his life after meeting and marrying Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry was always known as the rebel royal, the one who couldn’t be tamed. His hard-partying ways were tabloid fodder – not being the heir to the throne gives a guy some wiggle room to let loose! But since meeting Meghan Markle, Harry has undergone quite the transformation, but in some really positive ways. The love of a good woman will do that! He’s definitely more mature and focused. But you can still that fun-loving nature he’s known for. Getting married and then becoming a dad will change anyone, and Prince Harry is no exception!

First and foremost, Prince Harry has really toned down the party-boy image.

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Prince Harry has always been known as the wild child of the royal family. Because he doesn’t have the same pressures as William when it comes to being an heir to the throne, he seemed to shirk the royal rules! It wasn’t unheard of to find him out with his mates at the bars and clubs on a regular basis. After a few public scandals, it seemed as though Harry was ready to leave that life behind. So Meghan came along at just the right time! He clearly still has a blast, but when he’s out and about, it’s with Meghan on his arm. No more nude photos from Vegas in Harry’s future!

He’s also made a few health-conscious changes, like giving up cigarettes.

Image: Instagram/@royalfamilyroyal

Knowing all we know about the dangers of smoking, it’s amazing that ANYONE still puffs on those things! But we know it’s hard to quit, and we know old habits die hard. But Meghan is very health-conscious, and Harry quite smoking soon after they started dating. The thing is, if you’re not a smoker, being around a smoker is … kind of gross. Plus, he’s a dad now! He can’t be smoking around a baby, and he has to set a good example for his son. So Harry said bye-bye to the cancer sticks, and good riddance! Here’s to breathing better!

Prince Harry also took one for the team and gave up alcohol while Meghan was pregnant!

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See, now THIS is how to be a supportive partner when your wife is pregnant! She can’t drink? Well then, guess what? You don’t drink either. Giving up alcohol for 10 months is the very least you can do, when your wife or girlfriend is literally carrying your offspring INSIDE HER BODY. Having read the stories about Harry tossing back pints in the pubs, we can’t imagine this was easy for him. But love makes you do crazy things, and we think it’s so cute. Also, if you’re a drinker who gave up drinking for a while, then you know: it feels good. It’s sort of crazy how much better you feel. Not knocking drinking at all, we enjoy a cocktail or two every now and again. But a healthy reset is always a good idea.

More healthy changes for Prince Harry: no more caffeine and meat. Whaaaaaaat?

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OK, now things are getting a little out of hand! Cigarettes? We’re on board with that, those things are dangerous and gross. Booze? Sure, as a show of solidarity or to get healthy, 100% for it. BUT COFFEE AND MEAT, HAVE YOU NO SHAME?? We kid, we kid! Lifestyle changes look different for everyone. It’s being reported that Harry was inspired by Meghan to cut out caffeine and meat in an effort to get healthy, and that’s a good start! But we’re curious about when this change happened. After all, Harry proposed over a roasted chicken that the two of them prepared together, so maybe this was something they did during the pregnancy?

He’s taking his care of his body (and mind) in different ways now.

Image: Instagram/@royalfamilyroyal

Prince Harry has always lived an active lifestyle. He played rugby for years until he was sidelined by an injury, and plays polo regularly. But Meghan Markle has turned him on to other ways to stay fit and healthy. Since meeting Meghan, Harry has begin exercising more. And he’s even getting in touch with his inner yogi! Meghan is an avid fan of yoga, and she’s introduced Harry to the practice. The couple that searches for inner enlightenment and peaceful mindfulness together, stays together? We will say, being nice and limber will come in handy when he’s chasing his son all over the place!

He’s definitely ready to be a papa. Which is good, since as of May 6, he is one!

Image: Instagram/@europeanroyalty_

Prince Harry has always expressed a fondness for kids. And he never shied away from saying he wanted to be a dad one day! But as soon as Meghan came into the picture, he seemed to go into fatherhood overdrive. From the moment he and Meghan announced they were expecting, Harry talked about how excited he was, about how he couldn’t wait to be a dad. Considering he was an eligible bachelor just a couple of years ago, the change of gears was swift! But isn’t that how it always goes? When you meet the one you’re going to be with forever, you want it all right away. Luckily they were on the same page!

His charitable work has gotten more diverse.

Image: Instagram/@royal.official2

Prince Harry has always cared deeply about giving back through various charitable organizations. He started Sentebale on 2004, to help vulnerable people and children in Lesotho, Africa. He also started the Invictus Games, an adaptive multi-sport event for wounded, injured, or sick veterans. But since he married Meghan, his charitable portfolio has grown to include the arts and animal rights and welfare. Those are two causes that are extremely important to Meghan, and it’s clear Harry shares in her love of the arts (hi, former actress!) and helping animals around the world.

Prince Harry is much more relaxed since meeting Meghan Markle.

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Prince William has definitely always been the more level-headed of the royal brothers. He’s been raised as the locked-in heir to the throne, so he has to handle himself differently in public. He can’t get into with paparazzi or hash out family issues in the press. Prince Harry never seemed too keen on following that royal protocol – if someone got in his face, he got in theirs! But since meeting Meghan, Harry has gotten much more relaxed, and you can see it in the way he handles himself in very public situations. The notable exception would be when he released a statement admonishing the press and public for their treatment of Meghan. But you know what? Don’t come for her, you won’t get Harry’s wrath.

Prince Harry’s wardrobe has gotten a major makeover.

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Listen, we love us a man in a casual button-down with his sleeves rolled up. Jeans and t-shirts? Sexy as hell. But Prince Harry is a major public figure now – getting married and becoming a father has increased his popularity and visibility in a major way. Thankfully, it seems like Meghan has influenced more than just his desire to live a healthy lifestyle. He’s all about the tailored suit, and can rock it casually and in a more formal setting. Before Meghan came along, Harry had two settings: military uniform and grunge, LOL. He’s really eased into this dapper dude look and we are 100% here for it.

He’s really embracing the public displays of affection.

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This may not seem like a big deal to most people! When you love someone, you show them in little ways all the time. A kiss here, a close embrace there. We’re not talking full-on making out in public (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but you get the idea. However, in the royal circle, public displays of affection are sort of frowned upon. Have you ever noticed that William and Kate rarely touch in public? Not even hand-holding. But Harry has clearly decided that he wants to show everyone just how much he loves his wife. They’re always touching, and they don’t shy away from showing their affection for one another in public.

Speaking of royal protocol and tradition – Prince Harry doesn’t follow it much anymore.

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The royal family has SO MANY RULES. Just … rules on rules on rules. Rules about what the women can wear. Rules on how to conduct yourselves in public. There are rules about what babies can eat, for crying out loud. And for the most part, the members of the royal family follow the rules! But not Harry and Meghan. Since he met his wife, Harry has been a lot more loosey-goosey with his royal expectations. From the pregnancy to the delivery of baby Archie, the couple did things their own way. Harry even wears a wedding ring, which royal men do not do! Rules are meant to be broken, right?

Prince Harry has given up a lot of the perks for royal life.

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Growing up royal, we imagine one becomes accustomed to have things done for them. They have scores of people around at all times to handle the things we do everyday! From maids and butlers to assistants and personal chefs, being a royal sounds like a very white-glove, hands-off life. But Harry apparently likes to get his hands dirty. He and Meghan have turned down much of the hired royal help that is available to them, like a nanny. Even more, he’s really tried to live a more “normal” life since marrying a “normal” girl. They fly commercial, they go out to eat, they don’t hole themselves up in the palace away from prying eyes.

He’s also made more time for the people.

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Apparently, one of the royal rules (seriously, so many of those) is that royals aren’t supposed to mingle with or take photos with fans and commoners. Seems dumb, especially if they want to appear more real and approachable, but we don’t make the rules! But Meghan isn’t a royal-by-blood, and as an actress, she’s probably used to taking time to talk to fans. She’s rubbed off on Prince Harry in that regard, too. He and Meghan routinely stop and chat with fans, and they’ve even been known to take a selfie or two! His mom Princess Diana was known as the People’s Princess for how approachable she was, and it sounds like Harry is taking after his mama.

The royal family has taken a backseat.

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Before Harry met Meghan, he was pretty much a constant third wheel with Prince William and Kate Middleton. Which was adorable! He and Wills are very close, and he and Kate seem to get along swimmingly. But you know how it goes – once you start your own family, your priorities and allegiances change. The foursome has been spotted at some official events together, but don’t seem to spend a lot of time socializing. There are rumors that William doesn’t approve of Harry and Meghan’s relationship, and rumors of a rift between Meghan and Kate. We take those with a grain of salt, but one thing is clear: Harry is firmly Team Meghan in all of it, and has chosen his wife’s side (if there’s a side to choose).

Prince Harry has become incredibly supportive of his wife and dedicated to making the transition easier for her.

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It can’t have been easy for Meghan, going from life as a working actress with her freedom and independence to life in the royal fishbowl. We do crazy things for love! But Harry has always acknowledged the sacrifice Meghan made to be with him, and is dedicated to making sure she’s happy and comfortable in the life they live now. At every turn, he’s supported his wife and her choices, even when they fly in the face of royal protocol. From choosing to move away from Kensington Palace to deciding that the public spectacle of royal childbirth wasn’t for her, Harry is right there, supporting it all.

More than anything, Prince Harry seems to have become much more comfortable with who he is and how he wants to navigate his lot in life.

Image: Instagram/@royal.official2

We’ve all watched Harry and William grow up in the public eye. Many of us grew up right alongside them! So it’s been nice to watch Harry come into his own after meeting and marrying Meghan Markle. He seems more comfortable in his own skin. He’s less encumbered by his royal title, and doesn’t really seem to give it much thought. It can’t be easy to be born into a life you cannot change or escape, even if you wanted to. But there’s a certain satisfaction, we imagine, in carving out your own space in that life, and changing how you live it. Meghan really seems to have set Harry free, and it’s been a joy to witness it.

Now that Prince Harry is a papa, expect more changes on the way! Just as falling in love can change a person, becoming a parent will flip your life upside down and change everything all over again. We can’t wait to see how Harry handles it.

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