Michelle Duggar Is A Dangerous Propagandist Of Hate And Intolerance

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michelle-duggarA few months ago, Michelle Duggar orchestrated a robocall to combat an anti-discrimination bill in her home state of Arkansas. Let those words sink in for a minute: to combat an anti-discrimination bill. I like to laugh at the Duggars’ denim skirts and ridiculous hair as much as the next person, but the matriarch of the clan is actually a very dangerous woman. She spreads hate to her adoring “fans.” She is an enemy of decency.

The town of Fayetteville, Arkansas voted to repeal an ordinance banning discrimination on the basis of certain characteristics — race, age, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual identity — just to name a few. Town residents voted to repeal the act on a 52-48 percent split. Duggar’s robocall can definitely be blamed in part for the repeal. It was filled with a bunch of homophobic lies. She knows her audience. Here’s a little refresher of the call, in case you don’t remember:

Hello, this is Michelle Duggar. I’m calling to inform you of some shocking news that would affect the safety of Northwest Arkansas women and children. The Fayetteville City Council is voting on an ordinance this Tuesday night that would allow men – yes, I said men – to use women’s and girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, showers, sleeping areas and other areas that are designated for females only. I don’t believe the citizens of Fayetteville would want males with past child predator convictions that claim they are female to have a legal right to enter private areas that are reserved for women and girls. I doubt that Fayetteville parents would stand for a law that would endanger their daughters or allow them to be traumatized by a man joining them in their private space. We should never place the preference of an adult over the safety and innocence of a child. Parents, who do you want undressing next to your daughter at the public swimming pool’s private changing area?

She’s referring to a part of the ordinance that would’ve allowed transgender people to use the proper restroom. This is how moronic and vile this woman is. This is what she puts her time and effort behind. And it’s not just her time she donates to her various hate-causes. From Salon:

The “19 Kids and Counting” family “donated $10,000 toward the campaigns of the three most outspoken opponents to Fayetteville’s new Civil Rights Administration ordinance. The Duggars gave $2,000 to John La Tour, and $4,000 to both Joshua Crawford and Paul Phaenuef,” the Fayettevile Flyer reported October 31. “La Tour, Crawford, and Phaneuf have all said they oppose the ordinance and were each listed as contacts on a press release for Repeal 119.”

I think we’d do well to remember how far this family’s reach is and how dangerous they are. They have a cable TV platform to grow their fan base and spread their archaic beliefs. This woman is affecting legislation. That is just scary. Publicly and proudly opposing an ordinance that pushes for equality?

Her hair, her denim, her carbon footprint, her hate; everything about this woman offends me.