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Angelina And Brad Have Basically Been Married Forever

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I couldn’t care less about this wedding.

Yes, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got married and yes it was allegedly due to the pressure from their adorable children and yes Angelina wore the coolest wedding dress I’ve ever laid eyes on (it doesn’t exist on Pinterest, y’all – it’s an original idea) but I still don’t care. You know why? Because it doesn’t matter. If having six kids together and living under the same roof and staying by your partner’s side through the death of her mother and a double mastectomy does not a marriage make – I give up.

Brad and Angelina Wedding

Look at this dress, though.

Angelina and Brad have been married forever. They are an old, boring married couple and that is why I love them. I would have loved them as a couple had they never tied the knot. I never would have been the friend asking, Hey, when are you guys going to do this? because that friend is annoying and needs to shut up. They basically had to think of the best wedding dress of all time, because there was literally nothing else interesting about the fact that this marriage took place. Nothing. And I’m saying that with love.

If ten years together and six kids doesn’t spell commitment — I don’t know what does. But congratulations you guys! Mostly for coming up with that unbelievable dress idea that will probably now be copied until the end of time.

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