How Prince Harry Helped Kate Middleton Sneak Off To A Pub

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Harry helped Kate Middleton


She may be Britain’s future Queen, but Kate Middleton needs a night off just like the rest of us. According to a Daily Mail report this weekend, Duchess Kate snuck into a local Chelsea pub with a surprising assist from her Brother-in-Law, Prince Harry. The Duke of Sussex didn’t cut his solo visit to Japan early — our beloved ’00s bad-boy Harry helped Kate Middleton have a night out with her new mom friends when he had a secret entrance installed at the Hollywood Arms pub so he could come and go unnoticed. The alleyway door ensured Kate could enter the pub without being recorded by passersby, as it’s directly connected to a £2,500-a-night private room called the Boulevard Bar.

Harry has famously cut back on his drinking since linking up with his wife (and the love of our lives!) Meghan Markle, but back in the day, there were plenty of reports in tabloids like The Daily Mail and The Telegraph about Harry installing secret entrances in pubs like the Rattlebone Inn in Gloucester to revel without pesky paparazzi intruding on the fun. Another Royal coincidence: The owner of the Hollywood Arms at that time was Willow Crossley, who left to become a floral designer and eventually provided arrangements for Harry and Meghan’s wedding reception.

Granted, Kate’s girls’ night out probably wasn’t anything like Harry’s hard partying past. The mother of three was attending a “meet and greet” drinks party for parents of new students at Princess Charlotte and Prince George‘s $23,000-a-year private school, Thomas’s Battersea. Vanity Fair has covered Kate’s morning chats with other moms before school and Kensington Palace playdates, and we’re glad she could enjoy a quotidian school event with her mates over the weekend. The secret entrance allowed Kate to paint the town red with just one royal bodyguard, an expected upside of Harry’s hard partying past. It may have been unintentional, but Harry helped Kate Middleton take a much-needed mommy break, making him total brother-in-law goals.