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“The Bachelor” for Babysitters Would Be Even More Drama-Filled Than the Original

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(YouTube / What’s Up Moms)

Ask any mom and she’ll tell you how hard it is to find a babysitter. Looking for “the one,” with the right mix of personality, availability, and affordability, can often be just as fraught with drama as finding a spouse. YouTube’s What’s Up Moms know this, and created a hilarious parody of “The Bachelor,” called, “The Babysitter.”

The spoof nails all the typical “Bachelor” staples, but with a childcare-friendly twist. It follows Brooke, a mom of two boys who is “so excited to be on this journey.” “It’s crazy to think one of these incredible girls is going to be babysitting my kids,” Brooke says as potential babysitters are brought to her front door in minivans. The contestants all shriek with glee after being told, “Pack your bags, we’re going to the park!”

Just like contestants on “The Bachelor,” The Babysitter’s contestants are catty and judgmental.

“I don’t want to gossip,” says one, “but there are some girls who are not here for the right reasons.”

“I’m not here to make friends…I’m here to make $15 an hour.” Another contestant smirks.

Mom Brooke also finds herself facing many of the same challenges that have plagued stars of “The Bachelor.” At one point, she finds herself falling for a babysitter, only to discover that she doesn’t work weekends. The horror! Another time, she asks where a contestant is only to be told she canceled at the last minute. When Brooke cries to her friends about how hard it is to pick a sitter, one friend tells her to follow her heart, while the other tells her to pick whoever’s the cheapest. “It adds up!”

The contestants then back-stab and fight with each other to earn invites to group dates to test drive mini vans, and to hear the magic words, “Will you accept this sippy cup?”

Despite her fears that she’ll end up alone (or worse, have to ask her in-laws for help), it looks like Brooke has a happy ending in store. The final scene shows Brooke down on one knee, asking her chosen sitter to please accept…the keys to her minivan.

Watch the clever spoof below:

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