16 Amazing Low-Carb Recipes You Need To Make Immediately

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Now that it’s finally cooling down, you’re going to need some soup for those chilly nights. This cauliflower soup from @Delish will warm your soul.

Creamy? Check. Bacon? Check. Low-carb? CHECK! Soup is just plain good, and you don’t have to give it up once you go low-carb. In fact, soups are an easy way to fill your belly while staying on plan! Because you can turn pretty much anything into a soup, and you can tweak any recipe to make it suit your lifestyle and needs. Take this recipe from Delish, for example. Now, you’re probably used to potato soup. But what are potatoes loaded with? Yep, carbs. So swap out those taters and replace them with cauliflower, and what do you get? A creamy, rich, filling soup without all the carbs. Brilliant.

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