The Internet Hilariously Clapped Back to Donald Trump’s Tweet About Preserving Confederate Monuments

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After last weekend’s horrific White Supremacy rally in Charlottesville that lead to the death of a counter-protester, many cities are removing their Confederate monuments. You know, the statues that honor the people who fought to keep slavery and split up the United States, NBD. On Thursday Morning, Donald Trump (aka, the US President), tweeted that he thinks the monuments should remain. Yep. I know, you’re shocked, because Trump seems like such a great guy.

Here’s what the racist-in-chief put out into the world:

Donald Trump is racist

Donald Trump is racist

Donald Trump is racist

Oh, it’s so sad, the beautiful statues of treasonous racists are coming down! Boo fucking hoo.

Well, Twitter wasn’t going to stand for this absurd line of thinking. Those beautiful bastards took Trump’s words and applied them to some of our truly beloved statues and symbols.

Ronald’s gotta go.

So does Chuck E. Cheese and his creepy-ass band.

I honestly don’t know what’s happening here but still. Sad.

The lamestream media never told us about this battle.

I’m crying

Sorry, Ronaldo.

So long, Big Mac jail.

There’s a metaphor here.

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