15 Comments Every Pregnant Woman Wants To Hear


The world is filled with people saying inappropriate things to pregnant women, grabbing their bellies and commenting on what they do, eat, wear, and say. So we’ve come up with this handy guide full of things you most definitely can – and should! – say to knocked up women. By all means please use these as much as possible.

1. “I recognize that it is hard to sleep while pregnant and so I shall stop encouraging you to do it before the baby comes.”

2. “You know that most soft cheese in America is pasteurized, right? Have more brie!”

3. “Girl, you should wear leggings EVERY day.”


4. ”Your choices are your own and I won’t judge them or side eye you, even if you decide to drink alcohol while pregnant!”

5. “There’s an elevator right here. Instead of shoving you aside, I’ll hold the door for you.”

6. “Eat as much or as little food as you want, I promise I won’t make some comment about it and relate it to your pregnancy.”

7. ”Here, take my subway seat.”

8. ”Nope, I don’t have an opinion on childbirth, home birth or epidurals. None at all.”


9. “Ankles are overrated.”

10. ”Comfy sneakers are the trend this season, so your fashion game is on point.”

11. “Sure, you can just lie on the floor for the whole yoga class and it counts as exercise.”

12. “Your belly is beautiful and I will enjoy it with my eyes only.”


13. “Ice cream is a good source of calcium, you should have more.”

14. “Women in Japan eat sushi while pregnant and so should you.”

15. “I will not open my mouth at all once your baby is born, unless it is to tell you how great you look in those maternity leggings you’re still wearing.”

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