25 Birth Photos That Are Unbelievably Candid And Beautiful

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Childbirth is an incredible, life-changing experience. It’s hard, and painful, and long, and scary. It can also be amazingly beautiful, as evidenced by these jaw-dropping birth photos. Is there anything more gorgeous than a picture of a new parent seeing their baby for the first time? Or a new little life making their entrance into this world? It might seem strange for some, taking photos of such an intimate time, but these are works of art. Not only are they incredible memories, but these birth photos show the emotional journey from labor to delivery. They capture those moments you might not remember, but never want to forget. They’re raw and candid and powerful, and sometimes, even funny!

Showing and sharing birth photos can have a great benefit to the world at large, too. The more we see this type of real rawness, the more normalized it becomes. As that happens, we will start to see more support for people in labor and after birth, more understanding of what to expect ourselves, and well, these are just emotional. Shout out to these moms and dads and new little babies, we are in awe of you all!

Ugh, these emotions. Who is cutting onions?!

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Why hire a birth photographer? Yes, it's an investment…but let me tell you…allowing your significant other to be able to go back through and relive the moments that were the hardest most rewarding moments of their lives…It's worth more than you'll ever know. So grateful to be able to deliver these reminders of the sweetest most epic days of your life. Katie Leatherman you were a complete goddess ! Still in awe of you rocking out your birth with this 8 lb 15 oz boy! Welcome to the world baby Cullen you have 2 awesome parents who were AMAZING at welcoming you into this world! #motherhood #mama #birthwithoutfear #birthbecomesher #baby #newborn #birthphotography #birth #normalizebreastfeeding #birthday #july4th #igers #tribedemama #tribearchipelago #midwest #midwife #midwestliving #gorgeous #goodofgoshen #photography #life #warrior #momtogs #lifestyle #love #family #igersftwayne #ftwayne

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That first snuggle? Gut-punch. There is so much power in this photo that you can almost feel the love right through the picture. The way the mama is cradling her new little one. And of course her partner who is cradling her at the same time. He’s full of joy and smiles while the mama looks so relieved to have her baby safely earth side. There really is no time in life where you get to see this type of power and the love that radiates through the family is pure joy. Also, mama is tired. This picture makes us want to cry right along with it.

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