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20 Baby Names That Mean ‘Miracle’

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Ever considered naming your baby something that goes beyond the surface and just how it sounds? Looking for deeper meaning how about baby names that mean miracle? For many of us, a baby is a miracle. Not just in the way that sometimes just managing to get pregnant thanks to finicky fertility is a miracle for some of us but the entire process. Two people finding one another at just the right time and science and the universe coming together to create human life. If you think about it, it’s one of the most profound and beautiful things that we can experience.

After 40 weeks of pregnancy, there is nothing quite so awe-inspiring as seeing your baby being born into the world. We plan for all those weeks. We know a baby is coming but until the very moment that you see your baby, hold him, feel her in your arms, you can’t even begin to comprehend how truly miraculous it feels. Before giving birth, we’re not sure we truly even believed in miracles but after becoming a parent, there is no doubt left in our minds that miracles do happen.

Some new parents want that moment to last the entire lifetime of their child by bestowing upon their child a name that represents the beautiful and unique miracle that they believe them to be.

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