Mom Hilariously Live-Tweeted Her Son’s Sex Ed Class and It’s a Wreck

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When Alice Dreger was allowed to sit in on her son’s sex education class, we’re guessing the teacher had no idea who she was or what they were in for. Alice is an author who’s written books on actual science. The sex ed class her son took was abstinence-based, so not at all based on actual science. So Alice did the only thing she could: she live-tweeted sex ed class. The results are hilarious and also very terrifying.

The live-tweeted sex ed class focused on abstinence-only sex education. Because we all know how well that works, right?

As long as there’s wifi, it’s fair game.

Because only “good girls” say no! Christ.

So instead of teaching kids about consent, they had law enforcement warn them not to rape. Seems fine!

Listen, they go together pretty well, but all things in moderation.

The teacher who agreed to this has so many regrets.

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