Keto Vs Vegan Diet: Which Is Better For Weight Loss?

When it comes to finding the diet and lifestyle that works for you, a lot of factors come into play. Sure, you can hop on the bandwagon of whichever fad diet is making waves right now. But true success comes when you find one that you can stick to for the long haul. Dieting is about more than losing weight – it’s about making better choices to live a healthier lifestyle. But obviously, if you’re going to start a diet, you’re probably looking to shed a few pounds. There are lots of options out there, but two of the most popular are the keto diet and the vegan diet. So when it comes to the keto vs vegan diet, which one is better for weight loss?

When it comes to the keto vs vegan diet, you need to understand the key differences between the two.

Obviously, there’s one pretty major difference: the keto diet is low-carb and high-fat with moderate protein, whereas the vegan diet is 100% plant-based. Sure, you could do keto vegan, but it’s pretty difficult. Lots of vegans get their protein from legumes, which are not allowed on the keto diet. And dairy is a huge part of keto, which is a no-no in veganism. The carbs you’re allowed on keto should come from vegetables, which is fine for a vegan. But vegans eat a lot of whole grains and fruit, and you won’t find those on any keto-safe food lists.

Both diets can result in weight loss. But what it comes down is sustainability.

Ashley Chambers, RD, is a dietitian with Indiana University Health. She says, “Most diet trends for weight loss, such as the ketogenic diet and vegan diets, will lead to weight loss if you follow them strictly, but they often restrict so much that people have a hard time sustaining them for the long term.” Both diets require some pretty drastic changes, which can be doable for a short period of time. In fact, what’s contributed to the massive popularity of the keto diet is how quickly it works for people. When you put your body into ketosis and follow the rules to the letter, you’ll very likely lose weight in the beginning. But, according to a 2017 study on keto-fed rats, that early weight loss wasn’t maintained after 22 weeks.

Both diets can help you lose weight, there’s no debate about that. But the bottom line is this: it’s not so much about a keto vs vegan diet. What really matters in terms of success on any diet plan is how likely you are to stick to it for the long haul.

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