16 Amazing Low-Carb Recipes You Need To Make Immediately

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Sometimes you just need a good burger. You know what makes a burger even better? A CHEESE BUN.

Image: Instagram/@cheeseisthenewbread

Christina at @Cheeseisthenewbread made an actual hamburger bun out of cheese. Just … cheese. I need this in my life in the worst way. Sure, it’s a bit more labor intensive then just opening a bag of hamburger buns (or going bun-less, which is my preferred method). The cheese buns are made from eggs, shredded mozzarella, and grated or shredded parmesan, and then baked. You could also do one larger bun to use as a pizza crust. The carb count on these is insane: 0.5g net carbs per bun, and 2b net carbs for a whole pizza crust. I would eat this every day.

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