Adele And Her ‘Post-Baby Body’ Are Coming To The Golden Globes, Prepare The Gawk Fest

Adele babyThe other cultural and equally as voyeuristic bookend to the obscene “bump watch” for celebrity ladies is always the first “post-baby” appearance. Well aware of the draw of the “post-baby body,” “post-baby” performances, and generally people who want to gawk at a woman who just had baby, some parlay that “post-baby” capital into film promotions. Or they can be like Adele, and just happen to be nominated for a Golden Globe after birthing a kid.

The new 24-year-old mother has managed to successfully evade a lot of the outrageous body perusal that often eclipses anything else a pregnant celebrity might do. The singer didn’t even announce her pregnancy until she was a reported seven months pregnant. To this day, she has even kept her son’s name a secret (Go Adele!).

But it’s back into the limelight for the mother-of-one who landed recently in LAX for Sunday’s Golden Globes. And wouldn’t you know that instead of concentrating on the singer’s talents, we’re actually supposed to be scrutinizing that old “post-baby body.” This headline from Associated Press, of all outlets, announcing the singer’s return to the stage, says it all:

Adele Golden Globes 2013: Singer To Debut Post-Baby Body

Actually, the Grammy-award winning singer will be at the Golden Globes because her song “Skyfall,” the new James Bond theme song, has been nominated. The Huffington Post describes the hit song as “the best in the [James Bond] franchise in years.” But hey, who cares about the talent and accomplishments of truly remarkable female singer when there’s postpartum pounds to squint over?


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