Rebecca Black Pulled Out Of School Because of Bullying, To Travel Among ‘Entourage’

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Rebecca Black has been the subject of much online scrutiny after her single “Friday” went viral — and for all the wrong reasons. But now internet commentators and snarky bloggers aren’t the only ones terrorizing the teen. Rebecca Black’s parents have pulled the 14-year-old out of school because of bullies on her campus.

Yahoo News reports that after torment from her peers, the songstress will  be home schooled like many children in the entertainment industry:

Black’s mother has decided to home school the 14-year-old from now on, a new decision which also allows more time to focus on her daughter’s career…Now, she says, fans surround her wherever she goes, and she travels with her own entourage of a publicist, manager, stylist, and, yes, bodyguard.

Yahoo News also points out that after the online hatred for the teen became rather vehement, the FBI had to get involved because of death threats. Rebecca’s parents decision for their daughter’s well-being seems appropriate, but traveling around in a bubble of publicists and managers cannot be much of a improvement to the teen’s environment. She may be surrounded by people who support her career and ambitions, but spending all her time around people who are financially invested in the young performer can’t generate many authentic interactions either.

It’s understandable that Rebecca’s parents only want what’s best and safe for their daughter, but quitting school to travel among suits doesn’t sound very conducive to growth and prosperity either.