Black Friday Is Hell But Cyber Monday Is Not – Here Are The Best Deals

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164210760I will never understand what motivates people to leave the comfort of their homes on the Friday after Thanksgiving (and now Thanksgiving day as well) and join the mobs of shoppers looking for the best deals. I’ve seen the videos. No thanks. But shopping from the comfort of my own home and getting incredible deals? Yes please.

Here is a round-up of some of the best deals I’ve found on the Internet today. Be right back – got to get on Amazon in time to get my office chair at 1pm.

The Body Shop – 50% Off


Hello 50% off amazing lotions and makeup. And today, free shipping when you order $15 or more.

Calvin Klein 40% Off


I’ve never worked retail, but there are times I have considered it simply because of the deals you get. Today only, Calvin Klein is offering their “friends and family” discount to the WHOLE INTERNET. Woohoo. Free shipping, too.

H&M 40% Off Entire Purchase and Free Shipping



H&M is a great deal as it is. Today, you take 40% off your entire order and get free shipping. Why do I feel like I am going to be broke by day’s end?

The Gap and Banana Republic 40% Off



Do you hate me yet?


Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 1.18.29 PM

Okay, so Amazon’s Cyber Monday is a little hard to explain. They are doing different sales on different items throughout the day – and some are a really great deal. But you have to wait for the right time to start purchasing and then they only give you 15 minutes to get the deal and it’s stressful and annoying. But it might be worth it.

Express – 40% Off Every Single Item And Free Shipping



40% off every, single item. You don’t just have to shop some sad, small selection. That is awesome.

Toys ‘R Us Up To 50% Off

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 1.58.09 PM

I almost forgot about the kids, I was too busy looking at the cute clothes. Oops.

That should get you started. By the way – I didn’t buy the office chair. Too much pressure and it kind of looks like it was designed by the Predator.

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