Yet Another Reason Adele Rocks: She Waited 7 Months To Announce Her Pregnancy

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adele seven months pregnantIf Jessica Simpson had the world’s longest pregnancy, it’s fair to say that Adele is having the world’s shortest pregnancy. Just kidding. But Adele did just announce her pregnancy a mere 10 days ago and now, it turns out, she is due in September – as in, she is already seven months along!

Of course, that doesn’t mean Adele didn’t go through months of morning sickness and tiredness and all those other fun symptoms so many women experience. But as far as public images go, it’s as if the singer just woke up one morning and found herself seven months pregnant. Which, as far as I’m concerned, is just another reason why Adele totally rocks.

Unlike many stars out there, she’s not using her pregnancy as a business opportunity (for example, I have yet to see any endorsements or, ahem, multi-million-dollar Weight Watchers deals). Not that there’s anything wrong with incorporating pregnancy and motherhood into your brand – in fact, that notion can be refreshing in many ways – but Adele isn’t looking to profit from her future baby, which is rare in the world of celebrity endorsements.

Can’t wait to hear Adele’s joyful news, which will be here long before we know it.

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