Megan Fox’s Post-Baby Body Is Here Just In Time To Promote Her New Film

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Megan Fox gave birth to baby Noah Shannon just a couple months ago and is even enjoying some post-baby serenity thanks to Reese Witherspoon. But now the new mother is out promoting her new film This Is 40, which means the press is all about zeroing in on — that’s right, you guessed it — her postpartum frame! Not, you know, anything about the film. A film? What film? A post-baby body is in the room for everyone to scrutinize, guys!

Daily Mail reports that Megan attended a photo call in Los Angeles for the comedy, directed by Judd Apatow, and showed up in a “fitted but ladylike” light green dress. And you can best bet they were all about touting that yummy mummy nonsense:

“…the stunning actress has finally decided to show off her post-baby body in all its slender glory….The pretty dress clung to Megan’s figure in all the right places, with the origami-style pleats proving an on-trend addition to the outfit.”

Great! So she looks stellar! No need to linger on her every angle — even if she is fitting ever so neatly into the completely warped standards we have for “post-baby body.” It’s still pretty problematic to canvass and transpose an entire press event onto a woman’s body, in which we’re all encouraged to play I Spy Cellulite.

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