Baby Bling Couture: How To Make Your Infant Look Like A Tiny, Drooling Disco Ball

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Baby Bling Couture is something I was unfamiliar with because I don’t have any infants and when I’m purchasing a gift for a child, I never think “What every baby needs is a blinged out pacifier.” I usually go with a nice organic cotton blanket or something that doesn’t involve lots of crystals, like books. Most importantly, I tend to look for gifts that won’t cause a baby to choke and die. And I think most mothers feel the same, which is why I’m shocked that people are actually purchasing these crystal-encased items, and allowing their children to use them.

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SOME mums love nothing more than dressing their little girls in all things pink and sparkly – and buying them accessories to match.But parents across the city are being warned about the dangers posed by a new “baby bling” craze, which risks choking babies and young toddlers.The recent fad involves customising dummies, feeding equipment, shoes and sunglasses with small brightly coloured imitation gems.These can pose a serious risk, as the gems can easily come loose and be swallowed or inhaled.

Granted, I’m not sure if this is also a fad in the US because I don’t see a lot of babies in their strollers sporting this bling, but a quick search on the Google machine brings me to all sorts of websites that sell these items, as well as over 7,000 listings on Etsy.

I’ve been accused of sparkle-shaming before , and to be honest I have no issue with sequins or beading on items sold for kids over the age of five, because I have yet to see my school age daughter chewing on one of her beaded sweaters. But babies! That’s all babies do! If there is a job list for babies, it’s eating, sleeping, dirtying their diapers, and putting every single thing they can get their tiny grubby fists on in their mouths. This is what babies do. It is their job. Mouthing items teaches babies about the world, soothes their achy gums, and it’s one of the ONLY things they are capable of doing. I’m sure if we could ask a baby they would much rather be conducting an orchestra or engaging in some very intricate needlework, but all they know how to do is shove junk in their mouths. Which is why parents only give them items that are safe to put in their mouths.

Most of these websites have disclaimers like this one shown on Bling

BLING CRAZE, LLC’s pacifiers and pacifier clips are decorative keepsakes ONLY and are NOT intended for actual use!  Should you make the decision to use a bling pacifier it should be limited to special occasions, short durations of time and only and under RESPONSIBLE ADULT SUPERVISION AT ALL TIMES!

At BLING CRAZE, LLC we recognize the importance of the health of our customers. Some of our items contain small parts and could become a choking hazard and may be hazardous to health, they are decorative keepsake items and not a toy.

Even though a lot of the websites selling the items state they are for decorative use only they still go on to show a baby using the item.  It seems like it is common sense, but please don’t give your child crystal-encrusted baby bling couture that they may choke on, and that may also contain lead amounts that are unsafe for babies. Call me old-fashioned, but I think babies are adorable enough without making them look like a tiny, drooling disco-ball. Or a Las Vegas Showgirl.

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