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8 Kid Photobombs To Rock Your Socks

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Maybe I’m easily entertained, but photobomb pictures rock my socks. There’s just something hilarious about someone trying to take a nice,dignifie (or not so dignified) photo and someone else totally messing it up. So simple and yet so funny. My personal favorites are kid photobombs so I’ve put together a list of some of my faves.

8. This baby is not impressed

This baby has nothing but disdain for the sheep behind him. I mean, why photograph some lame sheep when there is an adorably chubby baby to be seen?

7. This family is not amused

This kid is my hero. His family is all “let’s take a nice, solemn family photograph so we can have a nice memorial of our clan for all times,” and this kid is all” NOPE, BIKE TIME!” It doesn’t hurt that the kid is smiling like a maniac either. A boy after my own heart if I ever saw one. I hope he grew up to be a rock star.


I like to think that the red team lost and the boy in the front is taking his revenge in photobomb form.


I think the little boy suspects that there is some bovine shenanigans going on, and he doesn’t like it one bit, plus murder-cow in the back there is plotting their demise.

4. Licky the spaztic puppy

This dog is about to lick that baby and the baby is having none of it.

3. The world’s cutest photobomb

This baby is a god among men. Especially when it comes to photobombing. I could state at this photo all day.

2. A nice scenic photobomb

I’m not sure what is going on here. Wedding photo? First communion? Who knows? What I do know is that the boy in the front is giving zero fucks right now. And it’s fantastic.

1. World’s most awesome mom

This is just the best. Nuff’ said.