10 Easy Easter Egg Crafts That Even The Worst Pinterest Failure Can Pull Off

Browsing Pinterest boards makes me a little sad. Not because I have a black heart and I hate adorable little crafts, but because I can never pull this stuff off. I really want to be the mom that can pull this stuff off occasionally, is that too much to ask? I want a glue gun to be at home in my cupboards. I want to own glitter and different colored construction paper. Unfortunately, I will probably never have a craft drawer. It’s okay to be aware of your limitations.

I spent some time browsing Pinterest today, so you don’t have to. I found crafts that have the least amount of elements and look easy enough for someone like me to pull off. Listen, if I can do it – you can do it. Well, technically I don’t really know if I can do any of these because I haven’t attempted them – but I have failed with so many craft projects that I have become pretty adept at recognizing which mountains are too high to climb. These are molehills. Cute little crafty molehills. I’m going to use a lot of exclamation points. That’s how excited I am.

1. Wreath!

Melanie Reid/ Pinterest

You cut out a circle of foam board, glue some Easter egg grass to it, then glue the eggs to the grass. How hard could that be?

2. Glitter!


Put on double-sided sticky dots and roll in glitter. YOU CAN DO THIS.

3. Stamps!


This requires a fancy stamp set, which I don’t have. But if I did have one this would be super easy.

4. Chalkboard!


How cute is this? Chalkboard paint. I never would’ve thought of this. This is why I do not have a crafty blog. I don’t think of these things. Just paint the eggs and let your kids draw all over them.

5. Sharpie!


Oh my God, mine would not look like this at all! But if you have any artistic talent, this is a really good idea!

6. Confetti!

mexican_easter_eggs_verite_14 (1)__1395165214_142.196.167.223

These are not easy at all! But they are so cool, some of you may want to try anyway. I can’t even explain how to make these, but it’s not as hard as you think it is! Good luck.

7. Sequins!


There’s not even directions with these, but I’m assuming you just roll them in glue and then roll them in sequins, right? Tiny, little sequins. Fancy!

8. Paper napkins!

Pinterest/ CJ Seals

These look really complicated, but they’re not! You cut the patterns off of a napkin and glue them to an egg. Easy!

9. Crayons!


Apparently, egg dye won’t stick to crayon – so you can draw on the eggs, then dip them, then get these cute results!

10. Bows!


Look how much fancier this egg looks with a bow stuck to it. You’re welcome.


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