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Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat: My Video Series About Getting A Baby Inside Me

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Does this baby make me look fat As the saying goes, timing is everything.

As an actress I’ve always been cast as a “mom” – long before I could even see that casting as accurate. Even in my early twenties I was paired with teenagers that were supposed to pass as my kids. Maybe it’s my mid-western roots, or my ability to look both nurturing and authoritative at the same time, but whatever it is, “mom” is clearly the role I was meant to play.

That said, I embraced my casting of “mom” long before I embraced the idea of actually becoming a mom. I mean, I always knew I wanted kids…but NOW?!  After a few years of marriage (and a renegotiated extra “summer of fun”) my husband and I were ready to start trying. So we tried. And tried again. And the next month tried again. I don’t think we realized you might have to try more than once!

“Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat?” came out of the hilarious and bizarre situations my husband and I now found ourselves in with all this “trying.” We had entered new territory in our relationship that was both eye-opening and downright weird.

Fortunately I had a few friends living the same scenario – each of us comparing stories and then trying to comically outdo each other with our fertility escapades of the month. It quickly became clear that our experiences were too funny not to share on a larger platform, so “Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat?” was born.

I wanted to create a show that shined a humorous light on the task of “getting pregnant” and all that goes along with it. Because for every woman that gets pregnant on the first try (it feels like everyone, right??) there is an equally large group that doesn’t and they are not nearly as visible. I wanted to be a comedic voice for those women, and their partners, and document this time in a way that they can identify with and laugh at. Because really, you can’t make this shit up.

The coolest part of doing this show that I never anticipated is that I’ve had a number of women reach out to tell me their own stories. Whether it’s relaying their fertility journey or just their overall ambivalence towards getting pregnant, each of them have told me their stories through a humorous lens. Which goes to show, you really can find something funny in just about anything.

I plan to keep doing “Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat?” indefinitely. And with any luck the “trying to get pregnant” episodes will give way to “pregnancy” episodes and then “life with kids” episodes. There really is no shortage of material once you enter the mom realm. But again, timing is everything. And for now I am truly content with the timing of everything – all the way around!