This Baby Dressed as a Lion at the Zoo, and the Real Lions Couldn’t Get Enough of Him

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This insanely cute little boy named Aryeh–which means “lion” in Hebrew–went to the zoo to meet his namesakes, and his family put him in a fuzzy little lion costume hoping for a photo op. In the end, they got a cuter one than they could possibly have imagined, because the lions caught sight of the kid in his costume, and they were fascinated.

According to PopSugar, Aryeh’s godmother, Cami Fanning, took the 11-month-old baby dressed as a lion to the zoo to see the real lions. They dressed him up and hoped to get a picture of him in his costume with the lions in the background, but then one of the lions saw him and came over to investigate what was going on with this tiny lion that was outside of the cage.

“Simba, you have deliberately disobeyed me!” he bellowed. Well, not really, because lions only talk in Disney movies. But the lion did paw at the kid and follow him around like, “What are you doing? Why are you out there? Can I play with you like a cat toy?”

It is not clear if the lion thought Aryeh was a baby lion, or if he was like, “Hey, a small human being would be very good to eat!” but Aryeh is so cute in his little suit that I want to gobble him up, too.

Aryeh was very interested in the lion, and didn’t even seem particularly afraid of it. His godparents said they took pictures of him for a few minutes, then they picked him up and moved along so the lions wouldn’t get too worked up.

H/T Popsugar