Boy With Autism Receives Thousands Of Birthday Cards After Facebook Appeal

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birthday surprise

Here is Logan (far right) with his brother and sister (Facebook)

I love sharing heartwarming stories like this next one. Logan, a 12-year-old boy from Massachusetts, who according to his mom Cathy Pearson, is severely autistic, received over 3,000 birthday cards (and counting!) as well as a surprise party thrown by area cops after Pearson sent out an appeal on Facebook to make her son’s birthday memorable.

Last month Pearson wrote a beautiful Facebook post explaining that her son’s birthdays have always been a somber affair as he is non-verbal and doesn’t have a single friend. Excuse me while I fight off these onion cutting ninjas…

birthday surprise


Pearson didn’t expect the outpouring of love she received. As I write this the original post has 165 shares, and the family has received thousands of cards from all over the world. The post was seen by plenty of regular folks, but also by some notable people in the area who decided to help.

birthday surprise



In addition to the attorney above, Officer Steven Bikofsky, of the Cambridge Police department saw the appeal on his news feed and decided to organize a special birthday party for Logan:

“We couldn’t let his birthday go by without something special for him.”


Yesterday, police from various departments across the state attended a surprise bash for Logan at a Fuddruckers (which is delicious an awesome BTW) where he received a ton of cool gifts, a cake and even a police escort.

The Pearson family is understandably touched and overwhelmed by the reaction they’ve received:

“In the past we’d like take him out to ice cream or something, but now it’s like a big day for him. As a mom it just makes me so happy for him. And for my kids to see how special he is. Not just to us, but to the community.”

I love stories like this. With all the negative stuff in life, it’s nice to see people step up to make someone’s life better. I hope this tradition continues for Logan so he never has to have another lonely birthday again.