‘Baby Photobomb’ Is The Absolute Best Way To Mess With Friends Who Complain About Baby Photos On Facebook

xcarousel-2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.S1OjB4MP1H__1375114232_142.196.156.251Everyone has those friends who complain about parents who post too many pictures of their kids on Facebook. I have a few, and I am totally going to be messing with them today. Seventh Generation has developed a new Facebook app called “Baby Photobomb” and it is annoyingly hilarious. Or hilariously annoying. Or just annoying. You be the judge.

I don’t think I am one of those moms who would ever end up on the pages of STFU Parents. Actually, I’m definitely sure I wouldn’t, would I? But I do like to mess with people and I actually think this app is pretty funny. The way it works is you choose a friend, you choose one of their photos to “photobomb” then you choose the photo you want to bomb them with. It puts the face of your child in a funny outfit, inserts it onto their photo, and posts it on their page. Pretty harmless fun. It’s not just for parents, either. You can use any photo – a dog, a piece of chicken, whatever – and bomb your friends with it.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t actually bomb the photo in their album. It creates a duplicate photo with the photobomb on top of it. It won’t pull photos from people who have their privacy settings blocking such a thing either. Obviously, you should only do this to good friends who you are sure will appreciate your sense of humor. It would be pretty weird to baby-vandalize a photo of someone you weren’t close to. Maybe some of you will find it inappropriate, but this is a fantastic way to waste time on the Internet. We all need that, don’t we? Especially on a Sunday!

(photo: babyphotobomb.com)


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