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Tom Hanks And Stephen Colbert Help The Children With Spooky Time Halloween Fun Guide

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Tom Hanks is always funny. I owe him a huge amount of gratitude for the fact the Toy Story franchise has helped raise my children when I could sit them down in front of the DVDs and do mom-stuff, like wash my hair or ransack my cupboards for the last few slugs in a bottle of vodka. As a father of three, Tom Hanks is just as frazzled as we are! He recently dropped a nice juicy F-bomb on GMA and then immediately apologized to the “kids of America.” Awwwwwww. He has always seemed like a nice person to me. I’m sure that in reality he could be as big of a jerk face as anyone, but from what I can tell he is just a really nice guy.

And Tom Hanks, he cares about the children. Not only is he an excellent pageant mom to his daughter Sophie, but he recently appeared on The Colbert Report to help Stephen Colbert with his “Spooky Time Halloween Fun Guide” which showcases super cute kids in budget costumes that parents can easily make at home. The only catch is, they all seem to be based on Tom Hank’s movie characters.

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My favorite line? “Stephen, I can’t help control what kids like. What with their Spongebob and Pokemon and Cloud Atlas!” And be sure and catch the 8.30 mark, where they are joined by another special guest who questions Tom Hank’s dragging him down to The Colbert Report for “charity.” Tom Hanks even cares about the childhood obesity epidemic, what a guy!