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19 Kids And Counting: Meet Anna’s Sister Priscilla And Her Crazy Eyes

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Lord Jesus David decided the lady folk needed to try camping. Well, he has already forced Priscilla to go but Anna has not been since childhood when she camped in the backyard once and a raccoon tried nibbling her toes. My poor, sweet Anna! The girls start assembling foil dinners for the trip and I decide at this point that Priscilla has all the good drugs because no one should be this excited about putting rutabagas in a foil pouch. Is it just the Jesus shining through? If so, maybe I should try church.

I am kind of speechless at the overall amazingness of David and Priscilla. They need their own show, ok, TLC? If you guys think the Duggars are “different”, then you would be totally bowled over by the Waller family. Anyway, we see David hauling out supplies for the camping trip including a club-sized jar of pickles. Wild times ahead, folks.

They pull away in the RV and it is making terrible fart noises and everyone looks a little concerned that maybe the Little Engine That Could might decide mid-trip that it can’t. Priscilla, complete with a child-like pink ribbon tied to her ponytail, does her level best to appear cheerful in the face of her abject terror at the rickety RV’s potential to leave her stranded in the wilderness with her creepy husband. I don’t blame her.

They arrive unscathed (of course) and as it turns out, the wives will be left to care for the children while the menz go fishing on a chartered boat! This is the most bullshit camping trip of all time. It’s far too luxurious. David catches a seven pound lake trout and Josh retaliates with a bruising one pounder he has to throw back due to Michigan fishing laws. Poor Paunchy.

They return to the campsite to enthusiastic greetings from their women and get ready to set up dinner. Josh and Anna are talking another baby in the interview and they cut to a quick scene of Josh rubbing her belly at the campsite. They are teasing the shit out of this possible pregnancy and I am way too nervous.

We see a few more minutes of the campfire dinner situation and my God, Priscilla is SO EXCITED about these effing foil dinners. Either that or her Crazy Eyes are actually a distress signal she is trying to broadcast to the rest of us so we can rescue her from her servitude. I note that they seem to be burning blocks of finished wood instead of logs and decide once and for all that the Duggar-Waller camping trip is camping in name only. We all knew Paunch couldn’t hack it in the actual wilderness.

Ok, the moment we have all been waiting for and that has been teased for a full two episodes is here. IS ANNA DUGGAR PREGNANT?! Josh mentions that Anna has been talking about babies a lot lately with her sister being pregnant and that it might be time. Wait, what? This is that hard Duggar truth I told you would come out. By all accounts, it would seem that Anna and Josh are PLANNING their babies! Like, actual discussions occur about when to get pregnant instead of just mashing their privates together and shouting out a Hail Mary. Amazing.

Josh is laying on the bed looking like this is no big deal and a TLC camera crew is not there recording this very private moment. Anna comes out of the bathroom with her pee stick in hand. She sits next to him on the bed and they peer at it together. And…..IT’S NEGATIVE!! Josh looks genuinely sad. I think he feels like maybe the Lord doesn’t love him anymore. If I am not mistaken, Anna doesn’t look too torn up about it and says she’s sad but I see that naughty twinkle in her eye. That’s our girl.

Guys, I am so sad- next week is the season finale! I am wondering if this was just the calm before the storm and maybe we will find out that Anna actually IS pregnant. She might just need one of Michelle’s magic pregnancy tests like Jill did. Stay tuned and hope with me for an empty uterus!

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