Looking for a New Show to Binge? Here’s What You Should Be Watching Based on Your Zodiac Sign

I’m the worst when it comes to Netflix. There are just way too many shows and movies, and I can never decide what to watch. Netflix is The Cheesecake Factory menu of streaming entertainment, there are too many choices! But what if, instead of trying to pick something that looks sort of interesting, we picked a show based on what our astrological signs say? I don’t put much stock in astrology, but when it comes to narrowing down the overwhelming menu of options Netflix throws at me, I’ll take all the help I can get. Find your Zodiac sign Netflix show, and get to binging!

Zodiac sign Netflix show for Aries: something with an independent lead who always gets what they want.


Aries are independent and goal driven, to a fault. Always on the hunt for a challenge, their tunnel vision can make them seem selfish, when in reality they’re just after what they want. Political dramas like House of Cards can satisfy that itch for an Aries, without making them alienate any of their own friends and loved ones!

Also try: Designated Survivor, Scandal, and Veep (for a comedic twist)

Zodiac sign Netflix show for Taurus: something with beauty and a slow build-up.


Taurus are known for their patience, peaceful demeanor, and appreciation of all things beautiful. It doesn’t get much prettier on Netflix than The Crown, and the methodical way the story is told will appeal to a Taurus. There are only two seasons, which might not be enough for the doesn’t-like-change Taurus, but a second run-through couldn’t hurt.

Also try: Gilmore Girls (for a long-running show) or The Tudors (for more sexy Brits)

Perfect Netflix show for Gemini: high energy and lots of drama!


Geminis will enjoy the twists and turns of the zombie drama The Walking Dead, and there’s enough action to hold their attention (which tends to wander). Plus, this “jack of all trades” sign will appreciate a show that has lots of layers.

Also try: Bates Motel and Once Upon a Time 

Zodiac sign Netflix show for Cancer: something with strong bonds and lots of laughs.


Cancers are fierce and loyal to their friends and family, and their offbeat sense of humor makes them a sucker for a good comedy. The way the team on The Office bands together to outwit Michael on every episode will appeal to the Cancer’s heart.

Also try: Parks and Rec and 30 Rock 

Good Netflix shows for Leos: something with commanding leads and an uplifting message.


Family is everything to a Leo, so a show centered on family with a positive, uplifting message is right up their alley. Jane the Virgin is perfect.

Also try: Gilmore Girls and Parenthood 

Zodiac sign Netflix show for Virgo: something with complex leads they can fall in love with.


Virgos are complex beings with lots of feelings, but they exude a cool, calm confidence. Virgos have huge hearts and tend to take everyone under their wing, but it doesn’t always go well for them. They also have a weird fascination with health, so a medical drama like Grey’s Anatomy is perfect.

Also try: Call the Midwife and Hart of Dixie 

Zodiac Sign Netflix show for Libra: something with an ensemble that works together.


Libras tend to make decisions based on the benefit of the group, and not their own self-interests. In addition, just like the scales that represent their sign, they seek justice and balance. Orange is the New Black meets all their needs and more.

Also try: Glow and Weeds

For Scorpios, only a show about revenge will do.


Listen, it’s best not to cross a Scorpio, lest they unleash their infamous intensity on you. A show with a lead who appears calm and collected on the surface but is hiding a volcano of “don’t fuck with me” inside would speak to a Scorpio more than anyone else. It wouldn’t surprise us one bit if Olivia from Scandal actually is a Scorpio.

Also try: The Good Wife and How to Get Away With Murder 

Zodiac sign Netflix show for Sagittarius: anything with adventure!


Sagittarians crave an open road and love adventure and discovering new places. The Planet Earth series is perfect for satisfying their wanderlust and thirst for knowledge.

Also try: Wild Alaska and The Blue Planet 

Netflix show for the Capricorn: all about getting what you want.


Like every Capricorn knows, if you want to job done right, you have to do it yourself. Capricorns are highly intelligent and logical, and have no use for anyone who isn’t on their level or keeps them from their goals. Gillian Anderson on The Fall is the embodiment of a nose-to-the-grindstone Capricorn.

Also try: Luther and The Killing

Zodiac sign Netflix show for Aquarius: mystery, intrigue, and a great ensemble.


Aquarians are problem-solvers by nature, and tend to surround themselves with a lot of friends. Because they like to help whenever and wherever they can, they enjoy a good mystery that they can unravel (even from their couch). The girls of Pretty Little Liars will give Aquarians a run for their money.

Also try: 13 Reasons Why and Gossip Girl

Zodiac sign Netflix show for Pisces: a lead who’s a bit of a dreamer.


Oh, Pisces. So much creativity and imagination, but not much drive to get it done. Pisces are dreamers who need quite a bit of encouragement in their day-to-day lives, much like Jess from New Girl.

Also try: Gilmore Girls and Portlandia

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