Looking for a New Show to Binge? Here’s What You Should Be Watching Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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I’m the worst when it comes to Netflix. There are just way too many shows and movies, and I can never decide what to watch. Netflix is The Cheesecake Factory menu of streaming entertainment, there are too many choices! But what if, instead of trying to pick something that looks sort of interesting, we picked a show based on what our astrological signs say? I don’t put much stock in astrology, but when it comes to narrowing down the overwhelming menu of options Netflix throws at me, I’ll take all the help I can get. Find your Zodiac sign Netflix show, and get to binging!

Zodiac sign Netflix show for Aries: something with an independent lead who always gets what they want.

Aries are independent and goal driven, to a fault. Always on the hunt for a challenge, their tunnel vision can make them seem selfish, when in reality they’re just after what they want. Political dramas like House of Cards can satisfy that itch for an Aries, without making them alienate any of their own friends and loved ones!

Also try: Designated Survivor, Scandal, and Veep (for a comedic twist)

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