Breastfeeding Memes To Get You Through That Never-Ending Nursing Session

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Breastfeeding memes are some of the funniest and most accurate memes that you’ll find online. Who wouldn’t love breastfeeding memes to get you through that nursing session? When you are waking up two or three times a night to breastfeed, what’s more entertaining and less expensive than online shopping? What’s less dangerous than DMing your high school boyfriend on FB? Or worse, liking a photo of his wife from three years ago in your exhausted middle of the night breastfeeding stupor? Plus, breastfeeding memes are harmless and almost always true, unlike those tweets you send when half asleep with a bleeding nipple.

Memes are a fairly new thing. Can you imagine what our moms would have done if they’d had the internet and memes when we were being breastfed? Let’s be honest, a lot more of us would have probably been breastfed and for a lot longer because they would have had a distraction. It’s like listening to music or watching television while working out, we might not like it but it makes it tolerable and we’re here for it.

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