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Mom Uses Wrong Slang in a Text With Daughter With Hilarious Results

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It’s not easy keeping up with the youths. Everyday there’s some new word or phrase or meme. Meanwhile, we’re still over here trying to figure out what “fleek” means. Twitter user Grace shared a hilarious text exchange with her mom, where she attempts to use the wrong slang and things get weird. Parents of the world: Urban Dictionary is your friend.

Grace shared a screenshot of the text exchange with her mom. In it, her mom uses some, um, interesting slang when discussing the weather.

Ass. Eating. Season. This went terribly and hilariously wrong.

We totally get where mom was going with this. When it gets cold and the ground gets icy, we sure do fall and bust our asses on occasion! But as far as eating ass … well now. That’s not what that means, Grace’s mom.

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People were dying over her mom’s use of the wrong slang. Because there is nothing funnier than a mom warning you about eating ass.

You have to admit, the text from her mom is PEAK mom. It’s exactly the kind of thing I can imagine saying to my own kids one day.

Aside from the hilarity of her mom warning her not to eat ass (LOL), people were REALLY concerned with the fact that Grace has 127 unread text messages. So many people she could be warning about eating ass!

Seriously though, 127 messages is a lot. Group chat was lit! (Did I say that right? Lit?)

We love when parents try to relate to their kids on their level. It’s adorable, and 99% of the time, it goes completely wrong in the best of ways. We hope Grace takes her mom’s advice about being careful on the slippery sidewalks. We wouldn’t want her to go around eating ass all day!

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