The ‘First of All’ Meme Is Blowing Up and It’s Hilarious

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Leave it to Twitter to give us our new favorite meme! The First of All meme is blowing up, and some of the uses we’ve seen so far are absolutely hilarious. It’s the perfect smart-ass comeback to just about anything, and we are here for it.

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The First of All meme is the way to respond to dumbass questions or comments from people you don’t have time for. It’s the perfect set-up for the shitstorm you’re about to unleash.


Brutal own.


Second of all, awkward.


You have the right to stop saying stupid shit.


Gonna be honest, totally forgot you existed. My bad.

The meme even spawned it’s very own Twitter account! Because obviously we need a First of All meme account. Some of my favorite Twitter accounts are just funny nonsense. Scrolling their timeline is a form of self-care, tbh.


“100% but I’m aiming for 110%.” Get your own charger.


Is that a promise? I hope that’s a promise.


Even brands are getting in on the First of All craze. Whoever runs Netflix‘s social media is outstanding.

STOP JUDGING ME NETFLIX, I’LL BE DONE WHEN I’M DONE. Personally attacked by that little pop-up at least 3 times a week.


First in line!


We need an “Unread” function for when fingers slip.


We see no lies here.

So, if you’re feeling petty and someone says something to you that rubs you the wrong way or is just annoying af, you’re going to want to have some “First of Alls” ready to go. I used it just this morning with my 3-year old! “Mama, I am SO HUNGRY, you don’t feed me!” “FIRST OF ALL, you have waffles from this morning on your jammies.” Go ahead and use the First of All meme in a sentence today, let your petty flag fly.

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