This Bad Macaroni and Cheese Brought Out the Best of Twitter

Macaroni and cheese is a near perfect food. It’s the ultimate sick food, comfort food, drunk food, and hangover food. (Maybe put bacon in it and a fried egg on top if you’re battling a hangover.) There’s nothing like rolling up to a potluck or Thanksgiving and finding that someone good made the macaroni and cheese. Conversely, finding out that the macaroni and cheese is bad is a horror akin to finding Satan in your laundry room or a dead bird in your toddler’s hand. That’s what happened to one Twitter user at an office potluck this week, and Twitter’s response was perfect.

This is the bad macaroni and cheese that brought America together:

A Twitter user going by Jan Levinson posted a photo of this heartbreaking attempt at macaroni and cheese. Have you ever seen anything so awful?

bad macaroni and cheese
Image: Twitter / @coolstoryjanis

It looks like someone tried to make a fancy cast iron skillet macaroni and cheese, but all they delivered was cooked pasta mixed with shredded, un-melted cheese. The Internet was devastated.

Academy Award-winner Ava DuVernay was appalled.

And chef and writer Eddie Huang was almost impressed by the degree of macaroni and cheese incompetence on display.

That company HR needs to step in and start monitoring potluck assignments to make sure the key dishes are only taken by people who can handle them. The lady who made this mac and cheese should be on cups and napkins duty for the rest of her life.

(I once brought rum balls to an office baking contest. They were so strong everyone who ate one got a little buzzed. In my defense, I did ask HR for approval before bringing them. It’s not my fault the HR lady didn’t know a person can get drunk off rum balls.)

Bad macaroni and cheese is the worst.

Bad macaroni and cheese is the worst. It’s not just bad, it’s wasted potential. We all know what good macaroni and cheese is supposed to look like. It’s supposed to look like this:

This is by chef Angela Davis, who is on Twitter as TheKitchenista. If this potluck macaroni and cheese has left you craving something decent, her macaroni and cheese recipe is perfect.

What’s your worst potluck story? Let us know in the comments.

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(H/t Eater, Image: Twitter / CoolstoryJanis)

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