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People Seriously Need To Shut Up About About Gabourey Sidibe

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86th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsI absolutely love Gabourey Sidibe. I think she is an incredible actress. It always floors me that people have such an ISSUE with her, whether it’s that she is a dark skinned black woman or that she is a size we aren’t accustomed to seeing in Hollywood productions. I guess I really don’t get it. What does it take away from anyone to have someone who isn’t white, blond, and a size zero appearing in movies and television? Do you personally lose a birthday by seeing her in movies and TV? Because Gabby exists does it cause your tacos to be less delicious or your hair to be less shiny or for you to get a parking ticket? I’m not naive, I know there are assholes all over this earth doing what assholes do best, ass-holing it up, but what does scare me is that these people are out there breeding.

Last night was a great night for women in some ways, we had Frozen, a story about sisterly love win for best animated film, and we all swooned over Lupita Nyong’o and her beautiful acceptance speech:



But the sad truth is, out of all of movies that were nominated, none of them were directed by a woman. And the other sad truth is, when you have an actress like Gabourey Sidibe, who is not what is considered stereotypically beautiful, people sure do have an issue with it.

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I’m from a world that believes that if everyone were exactly the same it would be a very boring place to live. I think many different women of different ages and sizes and colors are beautiful. I’m raising my kids to think the same. Yes, Gabby may not look like Lupita or Jennifer Lawrence or Julia Roberts, but does this fact detract from her beauty or the fact she is an amazingly talented actress? I’m always happy when we see more diverse women in big Hollywood movies, but judging by the reaction of the Twitosphere, it still isn’t  enough. I’m happy all the little girls who are going to grow up to be the size of Lupita have a beautiful new princess to look up to, I guess I just wish that the little girls who grow up to look like Gabby are seen as beautiful too.

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