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Amy Duggar Wants to Adopt the Children From the ‘House of Horrors’

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The story of the Turpin children has gripped the hearts of people around the world. The 13 kids, ages 2 – 28, were rescued from a literal house of horrors, after one of the girls escaped and was able to call 911. David and Louise Turpin were arrested and charged with several counts of child abuse and neglect. But the fates of the 13 kids remains unknown, and they obviously have a lifetime of healing ahead of them. Amy Duggar is the latest to come out and state publicly that she wants to help them, and expressed desire to adopt all 13 children.

Amy Duggar isn’t a mom yet, but that doesn’t mean the motherly instinct isn’t there.

The abuse and torture those poor children endured during their lives is absolutely heartbreaking. We know, logically, that very bad people exist in this world. But when we hear a story like what happened to the Turpin kids, it’s so hard to understand. I think everyone’s first instinct is to want to save them and protect them, and show them the love they deserve.

Sadly, Amy knows all too well what it’s like to grow up in an abusive home. She’s been open in the past about the abusive relationship she had with her own father.

Amy says that at one point, her dad tried to run her over with a car. During an episode of Marriage Boot Camp, she described what her childhood was like. Amy said, “When I was 6, my dad was watching me, and he picked me up by my throat. My dad was like, ‘Amy, did you brush your teeth?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, Daddy!’ And he was like, ‘No, you didn’t,’ and he picked me up by my throat, all the way up to the ceiling, and I was scared shitless.”

She continued, “I’ve seen things thrown in the air. I’ve been called every name in the book. He tried to run me over with a car. It scared me out of my mind.” She says the hardest part was not knowing what was going to “set him off.”

We wish the Turpin kids a lifetime of peace and healing, and hope they find a family who can give them that and more. And we wish the same for Amy Duggar.

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