Tom and Abby from ‘Queer Eye’ Got Married Again! Love Is Alive!

Love isn’t dead, you guys! Despite it feeling that way, what with all the break-ups of our fav celeb couples. At least one couple is proving that it’s alive and well, and we have Queer Eye to thank for it. You may remember Tom Jackson from the first season of the hit Netflix show. He confessed on the show that he missed the love of his life, Abby. But being on the show must’ve rekindled the spark, because they got back together shortly after his episode aired. And now, Tom and Abby are married!

Tom and Abby tied the knot in a private ceremony in March. And no, the Fab Five weren’t in attendance.

But, Tom did make sure to represent to show and group that helped him reunite with his lost love. He apparently wore the suit he had tailored on the show. And under the suit, he wore a shirt gifted to him by the Fab Five’s fashion guru, Tan. Everybody now: AWWWWWWW!

Pretty much every episode of that show made me cry, but Tom and Abby’s story was just so sweet.

Shortly after his episode aired and people were like, BUT WHAT ABOUT ABBY?, Tom shared that he and Abby weren’t together, but that she would always be the love of his life. However, true love can’t be kept apart, and just a couple of weeks later, Tom and Abby were back together AND engaged.

The whole show really hit at the right time, when everything else in the world was awful and we just needed some goodness to cling to. While the entire first season was amazing, it was Tom and Abby who were truly a bright spot in a dark world.

Season two of Queer Eye is currently in production, so we won’t have to wait too long for the next feel-good story of the year. Congrats, Tom and Abby! We sincerely wish you all the best!

(Image: Twitter/@TomJack20176306)

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