World Pauses As Madonna’s 15-Year-Old Daughter Lourdes Is Caught Smoking

LourdesBeing a celebrity’s daughter certainly comes with all kinds of baggage, including but not limited to speculation about talent, consistent paparazzi, and most likely a lifelong comparison to his or her famous parent. But being a teenage daughter to an icon like Madonna most likely comes with a whole other range of pressures and perhaps insecurities, which can perhaps account for 15-year-old Lourdes having a smoke with friends in New York City.

The teen was seen puffing away on a single cigarette that was reportedly lit by male peers. While it’s nearly always disappointing to see young kids lighting up given all that we now unequivocally know about smoking, most teens don’t exactly have a a cast of photographers zooming in and out on their transgressions. Most tweens and teens just have to contend with the gossip of nosey neighbors or bratty younger siblings when it comes to keeping their less than perfect behavior concealed from mommy and daddy. But many more now are also having to explain several questionable Facebook photos, posts from friends, or even tweets to their parental units in our increasingly “in real time” age. [tagbox tag=”Madonna”]

Who knows how web-savvy Madge is or what concerned family member may have forwarded this image, but if Madonna is anything like most parents, young Lourdes probably had quite the weekend talking her way out of this one. Then again, given the warped version of reality that is celebrity motherhood, Madonna could have purchased her the cigarettes for all we know — especially considering you have to be 18 to purchase a box of cancer sticks in the United States.

Yet, regardless of who exactly handed the teen that nicotine, the image is startling to the public who have seen Madonna’s eldest grow up before those flashing bulbs. Why it was only yesterday that she was photographed perched on her mother’s back for that 2005 Vogue cover. And although young girls do possess a startling tendency to become women, smoking isn’t at all necessary in that trajectory.


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