10-Year-Old Boy Pulls Gun On Woman Who Joked She’d Take His Halloween Candy

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We all know that kids love their candy but get this: A 10-year-old boy in Aiken, South Carolina, pulled out at a real gun and aimed it at a woman who joked that she wanted his Halloween loot. Talk about being possessive!

According to the Augusta Chronicle, the 28-year-old victim recognized some boys from her neighborhood while they were trick-or-treating at around 6:30 p.m. on Halloween eve. When she jokingly told them she would take their candy, the boy said, “No, you’re not” and proceeded to point a 9 mm handgun at her. (His brother later revealed that he had a gun, too.)

Well, you can just imagine her surprise. The woman called police, who brought the boy to the station and then released him to his parents. Both boys, by the way, said they stole the weapons from their grandfather. Nice, huh?

Meanwhile, over in Fort Meyers, Florida, a 9-year-old girl is facing felony charges after spitting on a school bus driver and then threatening to kill a police officer. The reason for her rage? She was asked not to eat candy on the bus. Jeez.

Fox News reports that the child “became very upset” and started cursing at the driver. She spat on him and threatened to hit other students, then threw pieces of asphalt at the bus once outside. A police offer arrived at the scene, told her to chill, and so she yelled, “Shut the [email protected]#k up! I will [email protected]#cking kill you!” According to the report, the girl was released into her parents’ custody and placed on home detention for 21 days.

Both incidents revolve around Halloween but they are clearly about more than just candy. You kind of have to wonder what’s going on these kids’ homes/schools/brains to cause them to act out like this. Is it ever sad.

(Photo: Ad van Brunschot/Shutterstock)